State Fund - Tom Rowe and Dan Sevilla (California)

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State Fund - Tom Rowe and Dan Sevilla (California)

Postby chirple on Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:40 am

So, whose got the scoop on what's going on at the good old State Fund?

How many President/CEO's is this company going to go through?
Didn't Mr. Rowe just sign a new contract a couple of months ago?

What is this going to mean to our claims?
If the General Counsel is now the CEO, can we expect new leaders over the legal department and what is that going to mean?

They just recovered from a big shake up, and now this. Are we in for another round of craziness?

Mr. Rowe stripped this company of staff, was some kind of hero for giving dividends to poliycholders and bonuses to employees. Maybe their new President/CEO will put the company back on track, restore some staff so the benefits are paid and the cases are handled. If I hear one more time "I'm too busy", or "I just haven't gotten to it" I think I'll scream.
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