It's in the Bank (California)

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It's in the Bank (California)

Postby 50Cal20 on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:59 am

A new employee at a major health insurance company noticed some financial irregularities going on within her department. She started keeping careful records since she suspected her coworkers were stealing from the company. She was right. Five people in her department were indeed embezzling. She was later threatened unless she joined them. The poor lady was petrified and went off work. She filed for work comp disability due to anxiety and stress. As part of the claims investigation she told management that a major embezzlement scheme was occurring. They did not believe her but she had proof that everything she was saying was true. She gave the employer the name and address of the bank as well as the account number where the all embezzled funds were deposited. "If you don't believe me, go look for yourself," she told management. Instead of checking it out, the company called her a liar and instructed the administrator to deny her claim. They flat out refused to check it out.

A year later when this claim, along with others, was audited by an independent consultant, a recommendation was made that the company's security department check out the worker's story. Supposedly there was several hundred thousand dollars in the bank account. Once again, risk management and security for the company refused to do anything about it. Makes one wonder what is going on at this company.
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