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I Don't Need These Anymore (California) (California) (Califo

PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:45 pm
by 50Cal20
After long and difficult half-day negotiation a C&R settlement was submitted to the Judge and immediately approved on the spot. Copies of the approved settlement were handed to all parties present. The injured worker asked his attorney if these settlement papers meant that his case was over. He was pleased to learn that the settlement was now final and can never be reopened by any party. As he slowly hobbled out of the courtroom with the aid of his crutches the injured worker paused as he approached the exit door. Turning to his lawyer he once again asked, "Are you sure this case is over?" When the lawyer nodded affirmatively the worker said, "Well I guess I won't need these anymore" as he dropped his two crutches into the waste basket and proceeded to walk out the door.