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Website (California)

Postby on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:58 pm

I've noticed there not as much activity on the fourms since you changed to the new format.

I need WorkcompCentral. Great storys, fourms and so on! My clients would call me every so often and ask me if
I seen a posting on the legal or Med fourms. But the stopped calling. I asked around if they still visited your website and they told me their is no fourm postings anymore. I said what are you talking about?

They open the Legal fourm and they just see the EDEX/EAMS. You have this big space between the EDEX/EAMS and Topics below they think that is it. They click using the down arrow a couple of time and there is still nothing. I show a few of my clients on the phone to go down futher and they could not believe they missed it.

Just FYI and concerned!
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Re: Website (California)

Postby davidd on Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:16 am

Hi Bill - thank you for the concern and the notice. I would like to see what you and your clients see. Please upload a screen shot of what you and your clients are seeing. As you can tell by the screen shot attached to this reply, there is no space - at least on my computer, so I was surprised by your posting. If you can, please let me know the operating system, the browser and any other information you can so we can track this issue down. Thanks.
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