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First questions re: the new front end. (California) (Califor

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:07 am
by art...
For starters, this is pretty cool and you deserve a lot of credit for all the effort expended by you and your staff in making it as smooth a transition as it's been.

I do have a few questions/observations. I'm accustomed to your main (paid content) site timing out if one leaves it open but unused for too long and appreciate the reasons that is done. However, I've never encountered that timing out behavior when posting to or reading the original forums. Here, at WCC The Next Generation, you can't start a new or reply to an existing topic w/o being logged in yet tonight after finishing a post to a new topic I created I hit submit and got a dialog box telling me I needed to log in to post. Since I had to be logged in to start the new topic it appears you can now be timed out while in the midst of posting. When I re-logged in I was presented with a new window in which to create my post but it was empty, devoid of what I'd just finished writing. Fortunately I was able to backtrack to the page/window that contained my post, copy it, then re-log in and paste it into the new window.

From this I presume that the new forums incorporate some form of auto logout. Short of hitting Preview periodically to let the server know I'm still here, is this user configurable at all? Not an issue for faster typists than I, but I'm on the slow side and also often need to take breaks to rest my eyes, wrists or brain. Unless this was a fluke, people should take note of the new behavior lest they possibly lose some work.

Re: PM's on the old forum. I understood they were to be archived but I can't access mine, it shows zero messages. This new site wouldn't allow just a three letter user name so I had to change mine to the six letter minimum hence I'm art... instead of art. I can't tell if the PM's are gone or if there's a conflict between the old art and the new art... user names and I just can't access them. If the former I'll give up trying to access them so please advise their status.

Thanks for the upgrade, I think people will appreciate it more once they come to see the new things it, and they, can do.


Re: First questions re: the new front end.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:40 am
by davidd
Thanks for the feedback Art.

I think I have disabled the timeout for posting. If anyone has a problem getting timed out on a post please let me know and I'll go back and take a look at the settings. In the meantime, do as Art did and use the back button to copy and paste your post after log in.

The old forums and the new forums are not tied to each other Art, so you use your old log in for the old ones. I'll have to look at the PM issue. They should be there because we did not do anything that would disturb them. Will report later.

Re: First questions re: the new front end. (California) (Califor

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:18 pm
by art...

Your fix seemed to have resolved the issue, but I just got timed out while posting. That's only twice, but FYI.

Dada for now.