Current Psychological CPT Codes for Consults (California) (C

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Current Psychological CPT Codes for Consults (California) (C

Postby appliedpsych on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:57 am

Now that the dust has settled (some) on the changes to consult billing, can some of you psychologists tell me what billing codes are being paid now?

Of course I know the billing codes for psych and npsych testing, but I am talking about what is working in billing for intake, etc.

In other words, what are all the billing codes for a typical psychological evaluation consult now, that are working and getting paid?
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Re: Current Psychological CPT Codes for Consults (California) (C

Postby psych74 on Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:12 pm

I do not have any great answers for this; but, some options include:
1) 5307.11 Contracting before you do the consult (getting a signed contract from the Adjustor as to charges for expired [99361, 99358]
and prohibited [99080] codes) that would have been used in the past.
2) Doing the Review of Records with the patient present so code 99354 is appropriate.
3) Using 99205 for the first consultation visit and having an agreement that more than one visit will be necessary.
I would be pleased to hear more ideas.
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