What Your Doctor Can't or Won't Tell You (California) (Calif

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What Your Doctor Can't or Won't Tell You (California) (Calif

Postby 4anewusers on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:52 am

I want to hear about big pharma. 14 minute podcast. All of his 14 minute podcasts are informative and entertaining.

https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/real ... 8_10-08_00

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=th ... &FORM=VIRE

Interesting how big pharma has also infiltrated non profit patient advocacy groups. I remember sitting in a seminar in DC given by a leading patient advocate organization, for patient advocates. During that time we were attempting to get caps on co-pays for out of pocket oral cancer medications through legislation and we were successfully doing it one state at a time. Who was sitting next to me but a regional manager from Purdue, regional manager for a drug called OxyContin . WHY was a pharmaceutical rep invited and sitting in on such a meeting for patient advocates? Gross! I was very curious and went directly to the non profit and asked about it. Oh boy did I piss them off. Needless to say I was not provided any more grants to fly to DC from this organization and attend their functions. That is ok with me as I later found most of their funding is from industry and they were promoting legislation that actually hurt patients.

I have also since found most non profit patient advocate groups have been infiltrated by industry and financially supported by industry. They use these patient advocates groups to promote their industry agenda to promote legislation that helps industry. Often times this legislation actually harms patients. They are slick how they do this and may have a few things in a bill that may help the patient advocates cause OR they may make the non profit believe it is needed and will help patients, even when it does not. The reality is the agenda from industry is to help industry.

It is estimated 85% of physicians in the US take monies and/or gifts from industry. There are physicians like Dr Levine who refuse to participate, and will not even take a fancy pen from a sales rep. There are also non profit physicians advocacy groups who believe in high ethical standards and are attempting to make a difference by leading by example and refuse to take money and gifts from industry. They are working to educate their peers and the public about the systemic problems of over treatment and under treatment in the healthcare industry, and taking gifts from industry has been shown to influence treatment, and that may not be in the best interest of the patient.

There are also news organizations who are not being silenced by big pharma and the medical device industry. Thankfully Dr Levine's flowers worked.
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