Cobalt leeching from implants (California) (California)

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Cobalt leeching from implants (California) (California)

Postby 4anewusers on Fri Aug 24, 2018 9:20 am

Dr Steven Towers work on cobalt leeching with hip implants was featured in the new Netflix documentary "The Bleeding Edge". He has found that most hip implants on the market in the US are leeching cobalt and not just metal on metal hip implants. This can result in severe complications including dementia. It would be beneficial for CA applicant attorney's and physicians to monitor patients who have ANY implant that contains cobalt and check blood for leeching (hip, knee, shoulder spine). It would also be beneficial for insurance carriers to review adverse event reports on the FDA website and limit approvals to devices that are not causing these problems. The long term costs for this problem will be astronomical.

Unfortunately patients will fall through the cracks and be missed diagnosed with conditions like dementia from normal aging that was actually caused by their implant leeching and could have been reversed with removal. I have read about instances where a patient had dementia to the point they could not dress or feed themselves and once their implant was removed they regained most of their functions back. ... fbe07.html
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