PHLB / Drobot liens (California)

The filing and enforcement of liens (different states refer to these with different terms) to secure payment for services or goods against a workers' compensation award is complex and filled with special rules - this category is for questions and discussion of this special area of work comp law.

PHLB / Drobot liens (California)

Postby chirple on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:55 pm

So, what is happening with Pacific Hospital of Long Beach / Dr. Drobot liens?

As I read Dr. Drobot's plea agreement, he admitted fraud/referrals/kickbacks and thus the bills of PHLB, at least for dates of service before he sold it, are potentially based on the fraud and should not be paid.

Is the DWC going to stay all those liens, or let PHLB and it's entities continue to proceed and collect?

Does each and every defendant, insurer, etc... have to take a stand on thousands of potentially fraudulent liens for hearings and trials in the thousands, clogging the DWC calendars?
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