template on "petition for penalties & interest,fee's,etc" (C

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template on "petition for penalties & interest,fee's,etc" (C

Postby jesus1199 on Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:25 pm

i work as a work comp collector for an ortho. surgoen ame/qme/pqme. we have lots of issues with mpn. i also have alot of unpaid/underpaid medlegal ml102-106 (units not properly paid).THANK YOU Barney5. for you very valuable input on mpn guide lines. i think i got it, but thats another issue, later to be delt with. my plea for help here is serious. i think with the proper ammo ie "templete for pet. for p&i's" with the proper language applied can help me greatly increase my cash flow in the door, cause we all know the bottom line here is the "money". but on the other hand, with this "template" in hand, i can make the carrier open thier eyes and pay up more promptly rather tha I having to file petitions right and left, of course with good cause showing, i dont want to get sanctioned. thank you to all of those lien claimant advocates out there who reply to my post. and of course all other work comp advocates out there..
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