simultaneous surgeries who is watching this? (California) (C

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simultaneous surgeries who is watching this? (California) (C

Postby 4anewusers on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:50 pm

Simultaneous surgeries, especially in teaching hospitals has been an accepted practice for years. Are there any safeguards in the California workers' compensation system to ensure patients and insurers are getting the MPN surgeon they approved and paid to do a surgery and not a resident? There are (teaching hospitals) in southern California who have been found to allow surgeons to scheduled for multiple complex spine surgeries at the same time. Since it is impossible for a doctor to be at two places at one time one can assume someone else is doing one of the surgeries. News organizations and medical malpractice attorney's are starting to pay attention. This Boston Glob article states why this is a safety risk for patients and can cost insurers. ... story.html

You would think having spinal surgery at UCLA by the chief of Neurosurgery would be safe. Read what happened to several of his patients and why having a resident do a complex surgery on his own can have devastating results for the patient. Dr Jeffrey Wang's payments from device manufacturers that were not disclosed to these patients was also highlighted in this story. Dr Wang has since moved on and is now chief of Neurosurgery at USC and on at least one work comp MPN. ... a-surgeon/

Dr Wang's former patient Mr Weiss commented in this article that "he requested only Wang perform the surgery, but instead, Wang only arrived in the operating room after the assistant surgeon performing the operation allegedly operated on the wrong disc. Weiss said because Wang left critical parts of the surgery to his assistant surgeon, he thinks Wang violated UCLA and UC policies, which require the attending physician to supervise the surgery."

This is another news story about Dr Wang. ... owitz.html

"Surgeons who split their time between two or more cases while still being listed as the attending surgeon are cheating both the patient, residents they should be training, the insurance carriers and the taxpayers who support the resident programs through public funding."
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