What has to happen to rescind a DOR? (California) (Californi

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What has to happen to rescind a DOR? (California) (Californi

Postby spreare on Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:17 am

Hello, our office filed a DOR for a lien conference by mistake -- we had already settled the claim. So I then wrote the court to rescind my lien and have the DOR / LC taken off. will this be sufficient? I filed it on Monday. Our lien no longer appears but I see the LC is still scheduled. There are no longer any lien claimants on the record. I have wrote the DA that we have no interest in pursuing the matter but they are threatening me that unless the LC is taken off calendar they will file for costs. Thanks!

Edit. The lien conference still appears on EAMS for Occt 30, and I sent the withdrawal of DOR on OCt 16. Will this be enough time to get it taken off calendar? Thank you!
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