QME location problem and 34(b) (California)

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QME location problem and 34(b) (California)

Postby jobmdpsych on Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:50 pm

In demand QME schedules appointments at a second office 3-6 months in advance. This is rented from an executive suite company. QME has only three offices, very distant from each other, so this is not a bait and switch.

Everything is fine until landlord at that location notifies intent to vacate lease. New owner plans to use entire property and does not intend to sublease and QME has to forfeit location through no fault of his/her own.

QME finds nearby alternate location, but does not want to be in violation of 34b:

(b) The QME shall schedule an appointment for a comprehensive medical-legal examination
which shall be conducted only at the medical office listed on the panel selection form.

This QME is still 40 days in advance of any appointments that need to be conducted at alternate location.

There are provisions for canceling and rescheduling in the QME regs, which is an administrative nightmare. I could not find any provision that deals with this situation in a reasonable and practical manner. (not surprising considering the less than stellar performance of the QME regs. committee)

It seems that the only compliant option is for QME to cancel and resched to new address on the same day. If you disagree, please explain why and cite relevant citations. QME needs definitive answers not speculative opinions.
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Re: QME location problem and 34(b) (California)

Postby jpod on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:28 am

Given the nature of your situation and the demand that you recieve "definitive answers not speculative opinions" I would recomend hiring an attorney to render advice.

The altenative is to talk to the Med Unit, ask to speak to one of their attorneys about your dilemma, document that advice and follow through. I would think the Med Unit's goal would be to allow the exams to go forward without delay so it seems like there is common ground.
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Re: QME location problem and 34(b) (California)

Postby spreare on Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:33 am

"Given the nature of your situation and the demand that you recieve "definitive answers not speculative opinions" I would recomend hiring an attorney to render advice. "

Can you please conform to the posters requests and provide citation for above statement?
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Re: QME location problem and 34(b) (California)

Postby chirogeek on Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:41 am

How about call the adjuster, explain the situation, and see if he or she agrees to a change. Then do the same with the patient. If everyone is in agreement--which more likely than not, they will be--then the problem is solved. Worked for me.
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Re: QME location problem and 34(b) (California) (California) (Ca

Postby appliedpsych on Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:17 am

Job MD Psych - -

I had a similar situation last year, though in my case a construction makeover was scheduled which took the location out of commission for half a year. I just decided to find a new permanent location for that area. Here are the steps I took, of course keeping meticulous documentation of all paperwork.

Found new location, made sure it was available on the same day and time of appointment.
Sent fax to medical unit telling them of situation, and telling them to cancel the old QME location and substitute the new QME location for that area.
Also told them that any appointments scheduled at that location would be transferred to the new location for the benefit of applicant.
Called IC, Both Attorneys, and faxed them all a Joint Letter noticing the appointment location change and reason, and asked them to in writing verify the change in writing. I explained in the letter to all parties that the change was already being made at the Medical Unit.
All parties complied with no problem, and soon I had a copy of the appointment location change letter they sent the applicant.
Medical Unit changed the QME database in about 3 days, and sent me a new QME appointment certificate with the new address.
The QME went off without a hitch.
Just to be safe I documented in the report that circumstances that had led to the change, and that all parties had agreed.
Got paid in a timely fashion.

I think that if you follow these steps you will be entirely within the law.


This is the Fax that goes to the administrative workers that maintain all QME information and are the main line of inquiry for QME's.

If you ever have any changes you need to make, questions that you want to document that you have sent to the Medical Unit, problems with anything of a QME nature, this is it.
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