Appellate Lawyer Needed - Temporary (California)

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Appellate Lawyer Needed - Temporary (California)

Postby admirablebobaal on Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:27 pm

Owens and Stevenson is seeking to share our approximate $37,500 fee with
an appellate lawyer to handle the recon and the writ(s).
Friday we received the trial court decision awarding death benefits to
our eight year old client, Alexia. Alexia's father, Jaime, shoot to
death her mother, Mariela, at work at a dental clinic.
There was a love triangle, and the lover, Herman, was a coworker.
Mariela and Herman met at work, and the relationship developed at work.
Further, Jaime could only find Herman at work. Finally, the gossip mill
at the clinic inflamed Jaime. The trial judge finds the work connection
in the facts of the attempted shooting murders of three co-employees of
Mariela, who were very seriously injured.
SCIF will recon and appeal based on the Transactron case.
What would a fair fee split be for the attorney do handle the review?
Are you interested?
Bob Owens
Owens & Stevenson, L. L. P.
220 S A ST
Oxnard, California 93030
work phone: 805-483-1090
work fax: 805-483-5446
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