Young shooting casualty needs a job (California)

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Young shooting casualty needs a job (California)

Postby admirablebobaal on Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:51 pm

On 7/1/9 Christian Carpio was shot at close range in the stomach by his brother-in-law, Jaime. He nearly died.
Christian became our worker's compensation client because he was at a Simi Valley Dental Clinic on the job.

His medical treatment has plateaued and he has good physical recovery. Now Christian needs to focus on his future life. We would like to place Christian in a supportive work environment in or around Simi Valley.

Christian is computer literate, bilingual Spanish, and bright. The dentist he worked for will give Christian a glowing recommendation.

Christian is not going to make it back to the world of the living unless someone cares. Please seriously consider how you can help. Communicate with me, preferably by email, about a possible job for Christian in or around Simi Valley. The Oxnard Plain, the Conjeo Valley, or Ventura are close enough. All opportunities considered.

Bob Owens
Owens & Stevenson, L. L. P.
220 S A ST
Oxnard, California 93030
work phone: 805-483-1090
work fax: 805-483-5446
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