Work Comp Index, 9th Ed., discount to 3/1/12 (California) (C

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Work Comp Index, 9th Ed., discount to 3/1/12 (California) (C

Postby stewshe on Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:02 pm

As many of you know, I write and publish the Work Comp Index. A new, 9th Edition, is due to be published 5/15/12.

For those who are not familiar with my book, it is an alphabetical-by-subject index to all of workers' comp claims in Calif. The last of the 8th edition shipped earlier this week. Meanwhile, I am looking at thousands of dollars in printing costs in Michigan and shipping costs from there to Clovis, CA. (I used Clovis and Fresno printers until the higher cost became prohibitive.)

Anyhow, I am offering a "Pre-Publication Discount" of $30/book for orders with checks or money orders received by 3/1/12. The base price will be $149.00 and less a $30.00 discount brings the total price to $119.

All prices I ever quote ALWAYS include sales tax and shipping. I purely hate seeing additional charges to a price quote. That is the reason I pay these charges.

The 8th edition had 1,000 pages. the 9th is expected to be around 1,100 pages.

Contents include references to the Labor Code, Code of Regulations and many of the 20 or so codes, rules, etc., in "The Labor Code Book," properly the Workers' Compensation Laws of California. There will be a very few it does not contain, but there simply aren't many!

My book will also reference case law in the CCCs, CWCR and other books by experts such as the folks at C.E.B. as well as Hanna, Herlick, O'Brien, St.Clair, Sullivan and more.

I do NOT suggest an injured worker purchase my book because it will be pretty much worthless without access to the reference books cited. It would also mislead people not accustomed to the "jargon" common in "comp" in California.

Last of all, I am not set up to accept either plastic or PayPal. Please send checks or money orders if you want to take advantage of the Pre-Publication discount. I will send letters to many prior customers, but can't send them to all, and once I have enough to pay printing & shipping costs, I'll stop sending out letters!

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