IME Prep (Georgia)

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IME Prep (Georgia)

Postby imeprep on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:50 pm

Please visit By way of a little background, for the past few years I have been waiting for someone to create a set of instructional DVDs that allow us to prepare our clients for their IMEs. I know that most of us have videos that we show to our clients to prepare them for their depositions. In our office, we show our clients a half hour video, and then we spend more time preparing them on our own. The video usually sets our clients at ease, and we can really dive into the case specific issues and address items pertinent to their case. It has always confused me as to why there was no method to prepare clients for their IMEs or other medical appointments. The IMEs are often as important, if not more important than the deposition. Additionally, while I find the deposition video helpful, it does not contain information that I could not convey myself whereas most of us do not have the medical knowledge to take our client through a complete clinical orthopedic exam.

Fast forward to January of this year, I realized that no such product existed or appeared to be in the works. At that time, IME Preparation, Inc. was born. For the past several weeks, I have invested a lot of my own money and time into this project. The result of the effort is three instructional DVDs that attorneys (work comp, PI, SSDI) can order for their office to help prepare their clients for IMEs (or actually any medical examination). The physicians take the viewer through a thorough orthopedic clinical examination. One DVD covers the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar & SI joint). Another video covers the upper-extremity (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand). The final DVD covers lower-extremity (hip, knee, ankle & foot). I broke the DVDs up this way because during the filming we discovered that there is a lot of crossover with the exams for certain body parts. For example, a lot of hand/wrist pain can come from an elbow injury, etc.

In addition to the clinical examination, the physicians go through a lot of the issues that we have with our clients in their IME exams. More specifically, we are mindful that patients want physicians to take them seriously. As such, they tend to say that everything hurts, or react inappropriately to the clinical exam. We are not teaching the clients to lie, but rather to make sure that they are telling the truth. The DVDs take the viewer through some of the tricks such as distraction test, break away testing, different behavior with inspection vs. exam, waddell's signs and many others. The physicians also discuss many common mistakes that patients make during their IMEs that should be avoided such as limping in the exam room after they've entered the clinic without a limp, rating pain a 10 out 10, pain behaviors and grimacing with minor palpation or percussion of a body part, inability to raise arms over head during exam but takes off shirt just fine, etc.

In addition to the medical issues, there is also a portion of the video where I explain the IME, what it is intended to address, how to behave with the physician, make sure they arrive early with films, not to fight with the doctor, do not ask for or emphasize their use of narcotic pain medication, how to describe injury's effect on preexisting condition and to maintain consistency with prior medical records and deposition testimony and/or recorded statements. My portion in the videos as brief so that I do not overwhelm the viewer along with not wanting to step too far onto anyone's toes who might prepare their client with different ideas.

Aside from the value to our clients, the video can also help you. You'll have an opportunity to see what all these phrases in medical reports mean like drawer sign, Hawkins sign, Tinel's sign, Phalen's sign, McMurray's sign, Neer's Sign, apprehension sign, surrender position et al. From filming the video, I learned a great deal and used the knowledge that I recently gained to get a great result from a physician's deposition this past week. The attorney later called me and said "well since you're the medical expert"…

In any event, I envision our office requesting our clients to come in to view the video. Of course, most of the time we can use our judgment and some clients will need more than one viewing, while others may not need to watch at all. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that this will be a necessary addition to everyone's office. The videos may be ordered as a set, which will be the most cost effective method with shipping and handling. Of course, if you have a client that cannot come to your office (or you simply do not want your client to come to your office) you may have the DVD shipped directly to your client. The cost of one DVD is less than I paid for lunch today. It would seem silly not to send the DVD to your client if your case could be severely damaged because your client is not prepared, or falls into the defense examiners traps. This could be the difference in your client getting treatment vs. not getting treatment. I do not think that I have to point out the monetary benefit if their case is not carved up by a smart IME physician. Even if the DVDs do not help your client get a favorable IME report (we obviously cannot control the physicians), in the very least we hope or strive to help them minimize the mistakes that they could make and give the IME physician the ammo that they need for opining "positive waddell's signs, vague physical complaints, inconsistent examination, secondary gain, symptom amplification" etc.

As an introductory offer, we are currently selling the DVDs at a discount if you order before April 1st. You may purchase the whole set of 3 for $89.99 ($99.99 after April 1st), or buy the DVDs individually for $29.99 ($32.99 after April 1st). In an effort to get the word out, we will offer a 2nd DVD or 2nd DVD set free if you purchase one and have an attorney friend with another attorney group forward this email to their trial lawyers list serve in another State (outside of Georgia). To redeem this offer, simply order a DVD and then forward me a copy of the email that was sent to the trial lawyers listserve in a state outside of Georgia to any of the email addresses listed on the website. However, you will need to also email first to make sure that a particular trial lawyers group has not been emailed. For fastest response, I recommend emailing or, or you can always email me at .

In addition to the introductory offering and marketing assistance, I am hopeful that many of you will pass this information along to help me. This has been a labor of love. Before I started this project, I had no idea how costly and time consuming it was to professionally film a DVD with the proper equipment, directing, lighting, editing, etc. I have learned and stressed a lot. Therefore, I would appreciate you helping me out, along with your colleagues by helping me spread the word. If I have provided you with help with my work product, legal issues and/or research or doctor info now is your chance to return the favor.

On a final note, I am keeping my day job. Along those lines, any questions, concerns, etc., please email me at I will get back to you before or after normal working hours. If you need assistance more quickly, you may email any of the addresses on the website, although the quickest responses would likely come from or I do not want to disrupt my practice during the work day since I have undertaken this project with my firm's blessing and full support. We are in the process of dubbing these into other languages. We are also considering additional DVDs covering FCEs, TBI exams and some others.

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