Work Comp Index, 8th ed. + Pre-Publication Discount (Califor

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Work Comp Index, 8th ed. + Pre-Publication Discount (Califor

Postby stewshe on Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:29 am

The following is my response to an inquiry from a past customer:

You asked whether or not I have an 8th edition? I do not, but the good news is I am working on it daily. It will be published sometime in May or June of 2010. Pages are currently estimated at 992, +/- 16. (It is cheaper to make the pages divisable by 16 so no pages are wasted.)

The price I am almost certain will be $129/book with quantity discounts over 12 books shipped to a single address. If the book runs longer than I am expecting, I will hold the price quoted for those who pre-pay, which is discussed below.

The "Pre-Publication Discount" will be a savings of $20.00/book, i.e., $129 less $20.00 = $109. I plan to use payments from those who "pre-pay" in January and February of 2010 to pay my printing costs. In exchange I think it only fair to offer those people a discount.

I will mail letters concerning the offer to prior customers in January and February of 2010. When I have received enough orders to pay my printing costs, I will stop sending the letters.

Since I only have one book which I publish, orders are easy to keep track of. In short, if you want to save $20.00, send me a check for $109 anytime before 2/28/2010. (I'm not set up to take plastic.) If you wait too long you may miss out.

Feel free to pass this offer on to others. My recollection is you have paid by personal check in the past? You might consider showing the book and this e-mail to your employer? If not, tell them I offer quantity discounts...even in addition to the Pre-Publication Discount!

10% off, orders of 12 - 24;
20% off, orders of 25 - 49;
30% off, orders of 50 - 74,
40% off, orders of 75 - 99; and
50% off, orders of 100 or more.

P.S. Prices I quote always INCLUDE sales tax, shipping and handling costs.

I'll look for your check...or your employer's!

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