Rules, Rules, Rules... (All States)

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Rules, Rules, Rules... (All States)

Postby davidd on Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:45 pm

One of the nice things about this new forum format is that everything is all on one page, all together, easy to find.

The downside is that people may not post to the correct forum category or topic.

So, as with the Legacy Forums, there are certain rules to posting that everyone needs to adhere to in order to maintain a sense of, er, well ... order.

RULE #1: The Professionals Forum is for professionals, and the Injured Workers' forum is for injured workers. There really isn't any mystery to this. True, there are some injured workers who are also professionals. They know what to ask and/or respond appropriately. The rule is meant to keep the two groups segregated because professionals have very complex issues to discuss that are largely out of the experience or knowledge of injured workers. If you are an injured worker, then post your question to the Injured Workers' forum. I guarantee you will get a response from someone knowledgeable about workers' compensation who can answer your question. If an injured worker post ends up in the Professionals Forum, then I will move it. If it happens repeatedly then I will consider it abuse and ban the poster.

RULE #2: Name calling, abusive statements, slander, expletives, inappropriate remarks, etc. are forbidden. You are entitled to your point of view - and you can express it - but with courtesy, respect and dignity. Failure to adhere to standards of common courtesy will result in a posting deletion and repeated violations will be cause for banning.

RULE #3: Don't advertise your services or products here (except for the Classifieds section). It is okay to make a reference to, for example, a book that you authored in the explanation of a post. It is not okay to say, "I have this, buy it!" If you really want to advertise call our office (805-484-0333) and talk with an advertising sales manager.

RULE #4: Respect each other. If you don't like someone's opinion, then say so and let it be. You can agree to disagree and no one will take offense. But, remember that your opinion is only your opinion.

RULE #5: Above all else, further the understanding, knowledge and education of everyone regarding this sometimes wacky system we call workers' compensation. Remember that workers' compensation is the single largest system of medical and indemnity benefits in the world next to Social Security, that it is the single largest commercial line of insurance, that it is third out of all insurance lines next to homeowners and auto, that on average it is over 4% of all employer's payroll burden, and plays (in my opinion - remember rule #4) one of the most important social functions in American society - that of ensuring the continuing well being of the work force.
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