QME panel in Psyche (California)

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QME panel in Psyche (California)

Postby emcdonald on Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:35 pm

Dr. Cynthia Dyess appeared on a panel for psyche. I've never heard of this physician, has anyone any experience with her? The panel also includes Lieberman, and Miles Weber. I have seen Lieberman at CAAA and reports from him during the old days as a defense QME. I do not know how he is as a panel or AME. Any feedback on him in this newer era? Lastly, Dr. Miles Weber has acted as an AME and panel QME for clients but in the very distant past. Anyone have any current experience with Dr. Weber? This is a pure psyche case with the employer being the DIR! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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