QME Panel Log (California)

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QME Panel Log (California)

Postby appliedpsych on Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:34 am

I thought I would post a recent Panel QME listing to keep folks advised of current timelines for panel assignment, and timelines that follow after issuance.
This is from an assignment I got today from the Strike process, QME in Psychology.

Date QME Panel Request Received: 02/07/2014
Date QME Panel Issued: 03/10/2014
Date of Call to QME: 04/03/2014

Others feel free to post, might give us running insight into the flow of QME requests and if they are behind at DWC.
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Re: QME Panel Log (California)

Postby psych74 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:05 pm

Seems about right on the timeline with the all too often cancellation ( no reason given) after the QME has set aside the time for Psych Testing and the Clinical Interview (not to mention Review of Records).

BTW on the treatment end any other psychiatrists/psychologists not being paid for Psych Testing because it is being bundled into a 992xx or 9083x code?

I have sometimes spent as much, if not more time, on the administration, scoring and interpretation of Psych Tests than with the patient only to get paid the same as if I did not do the testing. I've started to have patients come in on a different day for Psych Tests to see if that emphasizes that it is a separate service; but, for some patients that is a hardship. Thoughts? I emphasize this is only Psych Testing that is reasonable and necessary.
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