No Cover Letter, No Records (Panel QMEs) (California)

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No Cover Letter, No Records (Panel QMEs) (California)

Postby psych74 on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:44 am

Psyche Case #1: Despite multiple results from my office, neither side in an Agreed Panel QME sent
cover letters or records until it was too late to include them in my report (and get the report in
on time). When both cover letters did arrive, each emphasized that if my report was late, I would
not have to be paid. One cover letter (and records) were faxed to my office the evening before
the report was due (with lots of additional questions not normally asked in psyche QMEs) and
a BOLDED reminder of the consequences of late reports. My report had already been delivered
to both sides before the records arrived. Despite this, payment for same is already late.

Psyche Case #2: Same scenario, applicant has already completed Psych. Testing, clinical interview
in 2 days. Told by DA/CA there are no records and maybe I will get cover letter at some point.
No response to date from AA. Exam scheduled many weeks before in each case. Cannot afford
to cancel 3-4 hours of clinical interview time at last minute and have already administered hours
of Psych. Testing.

Have been doing IMEs/QMEs/AMEs for over 30 years and NEVER run into this problem before with
BOTH sides in cases until a few months ago.

QUESTION: Should I be reporting this to some State agency (e.g. DWC- Medical Unit)?
Other suggestions? :x
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