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Postby appliedpsych on Tue Jun 07, 2016 5:01 pm

(Forwarded from Professional Psych Seminars Email)

Dramatic Changes to Continuing Education Proposed by the Board of Psychology

Last year there was an an outcry by psychologists over the proposed changes in continuing education by the Board of Psychology (BOP). As a result, the BOP decided to not implement proposed changes, but are now going to consider these changes again at their July meeting. It is only the BOP that is proposing these changes; no changes are proposed by the BBS.

The main thing they are proposing is to limit traditional CE learning to 18 of the 36 units, with the option to take 6 more at a conference or convention. The other 9 units would have to be obtained through other means such as clinical supervision, peer consultation, teaching a graduate level class, publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal, attending a BOP meeting or serving on a committee for your local or state psychological association. The BOP wants to broaden continuing education to Continued Professional Development of CPD. Their proposal is well-intended, but there is no research to support it, and there are likely unintended consequences that they never considered.

Many psychologists have argued, and I agree, that providing more options to earn your CE or CPD is welcomed, but psychologists should still have the option to obtain all 36 credits through traditional means. Psychologists nearing retirement, in part-time practices, caring for young children, elderly parents, or other family members, or living in rural areas may not have the time nor the financial ability to take time off to do these other options.

If you would like to voice your concern, please email the Board of Psychology at and state that you would like to retain the option to take all of your CE credits through traditional means. Just one or two sentences is all you need to write. It is the number of responses they receive that will have the most influence. Last time they received over 1000 emails. I am hoping we can do even better this time. In my over 30 years as a licensed psychologist, I have never seen any one issue galvanize the psychological community as much as this proposed change in CE regulations.
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