Billing Time Limits? (California)

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Billing Time Limits? (California)

Postby on Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:13 pm

I have a new client and they are sending me billing back in 2008 to be billed that has never been billed.

Example: DOS performed was 06/03/08, Billed on 02/07/09.

Question 1.
Is there a time limit from the DOS to the time the service is billed? I could not find any information anywhere.

Question 2.
If the case settled and we did not bill. Can I still bill and collect?


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Re: Billing Time Limits? (California) (California) (California)

Postby rider001 on Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:14 pm

I wouldn't worry about back billing open cases. Carriers often lose, misplace, never respond, or send billing to the circular file. So in most cases they would not even be aware that is is coming in late unless perhaps it was a bill for a late med legal report. I'm not certain the validity of this claim but at least one bill review co will not evalutate a bill after a year but i think that is an internal thing because they were never able to substantiate this practice.

As far as the billing after a case settles. Yes you can bill. Some will have a stop pay order on the file so even if you bill you wont get paid and have to file a lien. Send your bills out and go from there. Don't think yourself into hole.
If you dont fall into the 4903.5 Limations period of filling a lien claim you have no real recouse.If you file a lien that doesnt fall into the timeframe then the provider could be sanctioned. The one exception to the lien filling time frame is it does not apply if the IC has recieved the billing prior to the settlement and has not notified the provider of the settlement. Notifiying the providers starts the Lien time frame clock.

one year from when services were provided
five years from date of injury
6 months from settlement

If your an indepedent contractor and worried about doing a bunch of work and not getting paid request a flat fee for these instead of a percentage.
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