Last Chance! DRI Review Will be Outstanding (Florida)

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Last Chance! DRI Review Will be Outstanding (Florida)

Postby remccarthy on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:11 am

Don’t you hate emails that begin “Last chance” -- usually for some banal product or discount offer that’s repeated a few weeks later anyway! This one is different.

First: this certainly is your last chance to pre-register for DRI’s Second Annual National Worker’s Compensation Review, in Orlando August 17-18, 2009. Our Review takes place within the larger WCEC conference, now in its 64th year, which runs from Sunday 8/16 – Wednesday 8/19. Frankly: unless you’ve joined us quite recently, you’ve read all about it by now, for we have employed every means at our disposal to get the message out. If you have not signed up yet, all I ask is that you recognize the enormous contribution made by a handful of your fellow members and at least consider the following.

We have touted both the magnitude and desirability of our presentation, especially within the context of the larger conference into which we’ve nestled our Review, but to show we are not just selling time shares in Florida, I attach the actual program. Click it open it and then tell me: honestly, have you ever seen the like before? In the worker’s compensation setting, the answer is very likely, no. Because the conference is in Florida some emphasis is on Florida Law but that consumes only about 20%: please draw your attention to the rest, such as the presentations put on by The National Underwriter, NIOSH, OSHA, Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, and including actual surgery; actual oral argument before a court of Appeal, etc. This is all quite apart from the great entertainment, key noters, and amazing (nearly 400 booths) vendors’ area, but that's what approximately 7,000 attendees can support.

But it's a bad economy – and your travel and promotional resources are strained, etc.? All true, sadly. But ask yourself where you want to be when the thaw comes: hiding in your shelter, "saving" money” by eating your seed corn, or investing in your next phase? Scarlet O'Hara knew what to do: she took down the drapes as a gown and went to town -- and by seeing and being seen, she sprang back from her own personal abyss (sort of). Our attendees include representatives of most major carriers and national/regional employers – many are registered with us exclusively, and dare I say again: our own seminar materials and speakers are simply the best there is: just look to our Program and faculty (attached), especially our Industry panel and its topic specifically, to see this is so.

An exceptionaly high caliber CLE within a milieu of industry reps that can and do refer work is exactly the goal we, your committee officers, sought to achieve -- and we are delivering it to you on a silver platter. Silver platter? Yes. Registration fees are among the lowest you'll ever encounter, $225.00: hotel rates in Orlando now are likewise lower than you'll ever encounter -- and airfare, especially so! We have taken it upon ourselves to sow the seeds, water, fertilize, harvest, -- and then knead the dough: a lot of “us” has gone into this: won't you please partake of your committee’s superb product, freshly baked just for you, and ready right now for you to enjoy?

The second reason this is may be your “last chance:” DRI has set both qualitative -- but also cost/benefit expectations for our program, a program specifically designed to lift our committee out of its chronic doldrums (for lack of any cohesive national body of law among other hold-backs) -- and we have delivered on our part, the hard part really. However, while drawing members from 37 states in just our first outing last year (during a tropical depression!), in truth we did not get all that many attorneys from each state. This year, while we are ahead of enrollments last year at this time, thereby making us one of the few DRI presenters to actually realize a gain in this troubling economic environment -- we are still not at numbers that can support DRI's investment in us for the long term. It would be more than just a shame for them to cut the cord after this one: for our committee it would be a devastating blow.

So ask yourself: isn’t this benefit to you worth supporting? Isn’t it a great reflection on you and your work -- with prospects for helping you realize more work in the years to come? Hasn’t it been brought within the easiest possible reach of you, right here, right now? Doesn't it represent a fulfilling opportunity to enhance your professional skills and your visibility in the commercial market at the same time? If all of these things check out, won't you please just say yes; throw together that casual bag for Florida in the summer (informal dress and a bathing suit), and come on down? You might even want to give the kids a surprise late-summer visit to Disney World: the opportunity to do so has never been more attractive, and you write off your share of the expense!

Please open the attached DRI brochure and register. If you have any questions at all, please e-mail or call me, or our esteemed program chair Craig Young or vice chair Jonathan Berryhill, or any of our DRI member panelists.

Have a great rest of your summer -- and I hope to see a lot of you at the annual meeting in October, as well! (I know what you’re thinking: another meeting two months later? I can tell you this: those who go, know! Find out why for yourself.)

Bona Fide P.S. An inspiring example is set by your fellow committee member Leighton K. Oshima, who I had the pleasure of meeting at our annual meeting in New Orleans last October, and who, just this Tuesday emailed to advise he has cleared his calendar to come to the Review, all the way from Hawaii! Translated: you can do this.

Best regards in any and all events (and yes we accept walk-ins!)

H. George Kagan, Chair
Workers' Compensation Committee
DRI Voice of the Defense Bar
Miller Kagan Rodriguez & Silver, PL
(561) 833-1860 Ext. 2233
DRI-Orlando Program 2008
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